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Spectral Edge in your smartphone

Next-generation HDR, best in class mixed lighting fusion, better selfies & bokeh

Clearer, sharper images

Most high-end smartphones feature at least two cameras on the rear side, which are used for conventional photography, and one or two specialist cameras on the front side for more targeted applications.

Using our flexible, artefact-free image processing framework based on image fusion expertise, we’re able to make the most of the data captured by these cameras. We can dynamically fuse a series of photos taken at different exposure levels, or combine visible and invisible information to produce clearer, sharper more detailed images.

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Next Gen HDR
White Balance
Selfies & bokeh

Spectral Edge HDR

HDR is a natural application for our image fusion expertise. Spectral Edge HDR can instantly and automatically fuse the elements needed from a series of images and videos taken at different exposure levels. This produces a final image or video frame that resembles what we would see naturally.

Competitor HDR
Competitor HDR
Spectral Edge fusion HDR
Spectral Edge HDR

Best in class mixed lighting fusion

Different light sources and conditions can seriously impact overall image quality, introducing heightened colour casts, when in real life colours would look more neutral.

Using our unique imaging framework, together with our image fusion expertise we’re able to overcome this problem. Our software automatically finds the right balance between different light sources and seamlessly integrates them together to produce a final, artifact-free image that resembles what your eyes would naturally see.

Auto white balance

Better selfies & bokeh

Using our breakthrough image fusion technology, smartphones can deliver pixel-perfect bokeh (portrait/blurred) selfies and photos. Our technology has two benefits: firstly, it improves bokeh results when the foreground/background segmentation is imperfect, and secondly, it reveals previously unseen fine details in boundary regions, such as strands of hair.

Smartphone selfies


Using our image processing framework powered by our image fusion platform, we’re able to take full advantage of data captured from the invisible spectrum to produce memorable and vibrant landscapes photos, even if they’ve been taken through mist or in poor/low light conditions.

Smartphone landscapes