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  • IEE: Spectral Edge, a spin-off from the University of East Anglia, has developed an image processing technology called ‘Eyeteq’. It is claimed that Eyeteq significantly improves the visual distinctiveness of colours in images for people with colour blindness, without adversely impacting on the experiences of people who are not colour blind. Indeed, evidence reported by Spectral Edge based on static images, suggests that viewers without colour blindness might even prefer images processed with Eyeteq. Spectral Edge is further developing the Eyeteq product with a view to embed or add the technology to digital television sets. Independent evidence was required to demonstrate how colour-blind and non-colour blind people might experience this product in a television environment.
  • Spectral Edge (SE) RGB+IR Fusion technology provides surveillance cameras with high resolution, color accurate images, even in very low or mixed lighting conditions. It is designed for embedding into the SoCs (System on Chips) that power surveillance cameras. SE Fusion achieves this, not by injecting ‘false’ color into greyscale infrared (IR) images in low light, but by intelligently-balancing visible RGB (Red Green Blue) and invisible IR light to deliver high resolution, color accurate images more reliably than any other technologies currently available in the surveillance market.  It’s the only technology on the market today that can engineer RGB and IR light fusion without introducing pixelation, artefacts or additional noise - all in real time up to 60fps @4K. It doesn’t add artificial colors but simply optimises the illumination that is present, even in light levels well below 1 lux (low-light conditions).
  • Eyeteq white paper

    20th August 2018

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    Approximately 10% of men are color deficient, which means they have trouble distinguishing some color pairs (reds from greens, pinks from grey etc.) that are clearly distinct for the rest of the population [1]. Color deficiency is both an issue of accessibility and preference. Spectral Edge has developed the Eyeteq image processing algorithm which simultaneously makes visual information more accessible and, for the color deficient observer, makes the images dramatically more preferred.
  • 尖端技,首次解决RGB+IR 融合技有关传统分辨率和问题 Spectral Edge RGB+IR 融合技术为监提供高分辨率、高色准像,即使在极弱光或混合光的条件下也能提供。 Available for download in Chinese
    光谱边缘融合(以下简称“SE 融合”)技术设计用于 嵌入支 持监控摄像头的 SoC(片上系统)。这项技术历经超过五年 的研究,产生七项有效专利和一系列学术论文1 这些学术论文 可从 Spectral Edge 网站下载。
  • Over the last 10 years a technological transformation has taken place that has changed the lives of the world’s population and two events in particular are having a profound impact on human visual behaviour patterns:
    • The global proliferation of smartphones, tablets and laptops in the home
    • The replacement of incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent tubes, supposedly more energy efficient, and more recently by LED technology
    Both of the above have a bearing on digital screen technology, which has also advanced dramatically thanks to changing lifestyle behaviour patterns, 24x7 internet access and growing demand for consumer electronics for leisure and business usage.