R&D Engineer RD003

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R&D Engineer – Computer Vision  REF: RD003

Spectral Edge is a specialist in image processing and computational photography. The company uses patented image fusion algorithms in combination with state of the art machine learning techniques to solve challenging image processing problems, including multi spectral fusion and multi sensor registration among others.

We are growing fast and are now looking for an R&D engineer experienced in Computer Vision technologies.

You should have good knowledge of computer vision, with specific skills in:

  • image classification techniques (ImageNet)
  • object detection techniques (DarkNet, Yolo, SSD)
  • semantic segmentation techniques (Segnet)
  • Neural Network frameworks (Tensorflow, Caffe).

In addition, the successful applicant will have the ability to create a training set, train a Neural Network and evaluate the results.

 The key duties are:

  • R & D in the computer vision field to address different detection, classification and segmentation problems as required
  • Working with the software team to facilitate object aware image processing
  • Implementing Neural Network inference for customer environment in collaboration with software engineers

The key skills are:

  • Strong Python, C/C++ skills and a working knowledge of Matlab
  • Ability to optimise code to obtain maximum performance from the available computer resource
  • Knowledge and experience of camera image processing pipelines would be helpful
  • You will need a good mathematical background in order to understand Spectral Edge’s IP. Master’s degree or above in Maths or Computer science expected.
  • Good communication and team-working skills

The following additional skills would be an advantage:

  • Experience of GPUs and languages such as OpenGL/CL, CUDA
  • Experience of implementation of real time image processing algorithms
  • Knowledge of image processing algorithms, eg de-noising or image registration algorithms.

This is a full-time position based in Cambridge. Our modern office in the Science Park, within walking distance of Cambridge North station, offers a range of facilities including a café on site.

For further information or to apply, please contact our Chief People Officer, Sue Handley Jones s.handleyjones@spectraledge.co.uk