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RGB+IR Real Time Fusion for the Professional Security Market

1st March 2019

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Spectral Edge (SE) RGB+IR Fusion technology provides surveillance cameras with high resolution, color accurate images, even in very low or mixed lighting conditions. It is designed for embedding into the SoCs (System on Chips) that power surveillance cameras.

SE Fusion achieves this, not by injecting ‘false’ color into greyscale infrared (IR) images in low light, but by intelligently-balancing visible RGB (Red Green Blue) and invisible IR light to deliver high resolution, color accurate images more reliably than any other technologies currently available in the surveillance market.  It’s the only technology on the market today that can engineer RGB and IR light fusion without introducing pixelation, artefacts or additional noise – all in real time up to 60fps @4K. It doesn’t add artificial colors but simply optimises the illumination that is present, even in light levels well below 1 lux (low-light conditions).