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Mixed Lighting White Balancing

Perfect colours and natural skin tones in challenging multiple illumination situations

Combining  patented Image Fusion technology with expertise in colour science, Spectral Edge has developed a unique IP product to overcome Mixed Lighting challenges on embedded smartphone cameras and other devices.

Spectral Edge’s core software automatically identifies colour casts caused by Mixed Lighting conditions and corrects each of them separately. The software then  fuses them together to produce final artefact-free images and videos that mimic what the human eye naturally sees.

Mixed Lighting Diagram

White balance issues resolved

Although camera makers are incorporating automatic white-balance algorithms and different light settings (daylight, cloudy, tungsten, open shade, cool fluorescent, warm fluorescent, etc.) into their devices as standard, even the high-end cameras struggle to deliver accurate white balance in Mixed Lighting situations.

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No advanced photo editing skills needed

Different light sources and conditions can seriously impact overall image and video quality, introducing heightened colour casts that in real life would look more natural. Although it is possible to overcome multiple illumination challenges by creating custom settings for different lighting scenarios, they will still leave elements of the photo with an unwanted colour cast. This is because the white balance setting will apply to the image as a whole and not take into account different light sources.

If the user decides to manually adjust the white balancing for shadows, for example, sunlit portions of the image will inevitably look ‘wrong’. Whilst it’s possible to manually correct multiple illumination situations, not only is it time-consuming, it requires advanced photo editing skills and knowhow. This is not feasable for memorable, here-and-now photo and video opportunities.

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Integration options

Spectral Edge’s Mixed Lighting white balancing IP is available as a pre-ISP (RAW processing) block, post processing block or it can be integrated directly into an ISP.

Integration Options Diagram