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Spectral Edge for security and surveillance

Multispectral video fusion technology for advanced security & surveillance systems

Dramatically improving camera performance in low-light situations

Embedded camera technology is fundamental to all security and video surveillance systems. From law enforcement and emergency services to home and business security, they all rely on captured footage for identification and recognition.

Although the majority of surveillance cameras feature RGB and infrared (IR) sensors as standard, these cameras limit capture to either RGB orIR data, not both. This in turn restricts their ability to acquire detailed information in a range of situations – such as low/poor light, or misty/foggy conditions. Not only does this impact the camera’s operational performance, overall video footage quality is compromised, colours, detail and clarity are lost, and accurate object/subject detection activities are severely hampered as a result.

The solution

Using breakthrough image fusion capabilities and leveraging our understanding of the visible and invisible spectra, we’ve developed powerful multispectral video fusion technology that can fuse visible and near-infrared (NIR) footage in real time, generating the highest quality images expected from current high-grade security and video surveillance systems.

Our multispectral video fusion technology dynamically fuses RGB and NIR data, frame by frame, to produce high-resolution and artefact-free footage, extending time periods during which usable colours are captured.

This capability is particularly beneficial during twilight periods because it optimises the effectiveness of data captured by all camera sensors. Instead of an arbitrary switchover point between visible and infra-red views, surveillance cameras powered by Spectral Edge provide a blend of both to maximise the information captured and the resulting video quality.

Our multispectral video fusion tech is designed for all types of surveillance cameras, including next-generation IP cameras. It consists of an Image Processing Pipeline (IPP), available now, which can be embedded directly into a surveillance camera chipset as a hardware IP core. It can also be delivered as a netlist for FPGA, suitable for low-volume, high-grade surveillance cameras.

Standard surveillance camera image
Standard surveillance camera image
Spectral Edge surveillance camera image
Spectral Edge surveillance camera image


Dynamic fusion of visible and NIR data for improved image quality

AI-based Color Correction

Gradual transition from visible to NIR, instead of sudden switchover

Reduced cost: single sensor, no switch

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