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RGB+IR Advanced ISP (AISP)

Delivering colour-accurate image quality in challenging light conditions

Spectral Edge has developed a unique IP product that dynamically fuses RGB+IR data in real time, generating the highest quality images available for RGB+IR camera systems such as surveillance, webcam and automotive

High quality image output

By intelligently fusing RGB+IR data in real time, Spectral Edge’s AISP generates high-quality images for either downstream human or computer-vision applications. It is particularly beneficial to recognition, re-identification and threat detection tasks, all of which require high resolution, colour-accurate images to facilitate AI-driven data analytics, and to minimize false positive alerts.

Key Features:

  • Real-time RGB+IR fusion
  • HDR video capture at 4k p60
  • Unprecedented colour accuracy
  • 8M pixel resolution support
Original imageSpectral Edge Advanced ISP

High success rates in all lighting situations

Spectral Edge’s AISP has been rigorously lab tested in a range of situations, such low lighting, mixed lighting with under/over exposed regions, and tungsten lighting, with challenging IR-to-visible ratios. Spectral Edge’s AISP has proven to deliver high resolution, colour-accurate images.

RGB+IR originalRGB+IR slider images Spectral Edge

Three key RGB+IR problems solved

Spectral Edge’s AISP solves three known challenges with RGB+IR processing:

During demosaic, the AISP delivers high resolution outputs – resolution up to 95% of Nyquist

In Colour Correction, the AISP decorrelates the IR and ultimately deliver accurate colours across 4 channels (R, G, B, IR). This “clean” output is ideal for computer vision systems

In fusion, the AISP naturally fuses the IR channel back into R, G and B for best human viewing

Current systems targeted at subject object recognition and re-identification consistently fail in low-light or mixed-light situations. This problem is significantly reduced with Spectral Edge RGB+IR processing.

Active IR: off

Visible: 4 and 100 Lux


headshot with IR off

Active IR: 0.25 Watts

Visible: 4 and 100 Lux

IR Percentage: 24.0%

headshot with 24% IR

Active IR: 0.25 Watts

Visible: 4 and 100 Lux

IR Percentage: 36.0%

headshot with 36% IR

Spectral Edge AISP Block Diagram

Spectral Edge’s unique RGB+IR Fusion product has been designed to integrate with existing ISPs used by SoC manufacturers and can be implemented within the ISP, or as a pre-ISP solution. It can also be supplied as an end-to-end solution.

Spectral Edge Fusion ISP diagram

Spectral Edge’s end-to-end processing pipeline, as shown, uses the company’s expertise to deliver unique Demosaic, Colour Correction and Fusion blocks. The platform works for RGGB and RGBIR sensors alike.


Spectral Edge AISP has been designed to power SoCs for a vast range of imaging applications and is available as an end-to-end solution for FPGA or ASIC integrations.

Our FPGA-ready ISP is available now, with ASIC-ready versions for volume silicon process technologies coming soon.


Market applications

Spectral Edge’s advanced ISP lends itself to a range of machine vision and human vision applications:

Face recognition and re-identification for access control or building entry systems

Object recognition & threat detection [drones crossing a restricted area, fog] or military zone

Improved webcam image quality for videoconferencing – especially in low-light or with bright lights nearby

Smartphone selfie camera – improved image quality in low-light + FaceID technologies, with just a single sensor on the front