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Spectral Edge Advanced ISP (AISP)

Unique low light performance tech for video surveillance systems

Leveraging our experience of the RGB and IR spectra, we’ve developed a unique IP product that dynamically fuses RGB+IR data in real time, generating the highest quality images expected for current high-grade security and video surveillance systems.

Advanced ISP (AISP) benefits

Our Advanced ISP (AISP) product is particularly beneficial during twilight periods because it optimises the effectiveness of all the data that has been captured. Instead of an arbitrary switchover point between visible and infra-red views, surveillance cameras powered by Spectral Edge’s AISP combine both, maximising the resulting video quality and hence subject/object recognition capabilities.

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Optimal video surveillance camera performance

Surveillance systems based on either visible light (RGB), or infrared (IR) capture, fail in certain light conditions:

During the day IR systems don’t collect any data even though it is present

At night, visible light systems don’t work without strong illumination

Systems configured to switch between the two fail to capture colour after the moment of switchover – resulting in lost information

Conventional security cameras capture either visible or IR data, not both concurrently. This restricts their ability to acquire detailed information in low/poor light, mixed lighting with under/over-exposed regions or misty/foggy conditions. Even high-end cameras comprising the latest RGB+IR sensors fail to maintain image quality in these situations. The knock-on effect is poor image quality, compromised subject/object recognition tasks and a high number of failure cases.

RGB+IR originalRGB+IR slider images Spectral Edge
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Our unique Advanced ISP (AISP) product has been designed to power SoCs for all types of surveillance cameras including next-generation IP cameras and can be deployed in two ways:

FusionCore:  IP blocks built for integration with existing ISPs used by SoC manufacturers and implemented within the ISP, or as a pre-ISP solution

Full ISP: Newly-launched, our full ISP can be supplied as an end-to-end solution that replaces an existing ISP

Our FPGA-ready ISP is available now with an ASIC-ready version coming soon.

Integration Diagram

Suitable for high-end and low-end surveillance cameras

Our Advanced ISP (AISP) product is suitable for both high-end volume cameras and low volume specialist cameras and can be supplied as:

High-end Cameras Low-end Cameras
Verilog RTL for ASIC synthesis Downloadable encrypted netlist for FPGA
Back-end camera SoC or CMOS sensor Decryption by license key delivered by Spectral Edge as hardware dongle

High-end Cameras

Verilog RTL for ASIC synthesis

Back-end camera SoC or CMOS sensor

High-end Cameras

Verilog RTL for ASIC synthesis

Back-end camera SoC or CMOS sensor