At Spectral Edge, we’re on a mission to reveal more in every image 2019-07-22T13:10:45+00:00

Spectral Edge leads the world in Image Fusion  technology. We combine our Image Fusion IP with Machine Learning to reveal more of the colour, detail and clarity in a scene. Embedded real-time technology – no filters or apps required.

Advanced ISP (AISP)

Delivering colour-accurate image quality in challenging low light or mixed lighting conditions

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Security and surveillance

Mixed Lighting White Balancing

Uniquely solving multiple illumination colour problems on smartphone cameras & other embedded devices in real time.

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Spectral Edge in your displays

World class colour blindness technology, blue light reduction, perceptual video quality improvement

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Other markets

Other markets

Automotive, webcams, drones and more

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Cutting-edge technology

Using our flexible image processing framework powered by our unique artefact-free image fusion platform, we’re able to make the most of visible and invisible data captured by imaging sensors.

Image fusion

Patented IP that overcomes technical barriers like artefacts and noise

Machine learning

Leveraging AI for smarter, more powerful image processing

Image Style Transfer

For smarter, more versatile artefact-free processing